Where boogers have appeared

I had to leave my family for 19 days. What happened when I came back shocked me.

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How a snack cake gave me a glimpse of the future.
How I teamed up with my son on technology.

Parents Magazine

When being tall means you get treated like you're older.

5 sneaky ways I get my kids to read more.
The invisible part of special-needs parenting is what makes it so tough.
Hey, World? Not all boys play sports.
If you give a kid a skateboard.
If you see a kid do something good, tell their parent.
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Two light switches were exactly what my toddler needed.
'Special' brownies and other secrets from a special needs mom
My kid is the 'stinky kid,' but it's not because of poor hygiene
What I want my child with dyslexia to know
Why your 'harmless comments' are so hurtful to parents like me
How I turned a creepy driving situation into a safety lesson for my teen.

Her View From Home

One day your son will be taller than you, and you won't be ready.
I never wanted my mother-in-law's curio cabinet.

My teen hangs out at the park and he doesn't deserve your judgment.
Five tips for raising boys I wish I knew sooner.
Tales of a fourth-grade letdown.
The six people every vegetarian has dined with.
Is it creepy or friendly to help other people's kids?
Four life lessons from a rescue mutt
24 hours with Michael Jackson; From Idol to Interred
Son endures vintage music education.
Do you charge Mommy Tax? You should.
Mother's Day compliments from the mouths of boys
What happened when I let my kid say 'crap'


Mock Mom: Mom repeatedly mistaken for garbage can.
Mock Mom: School considers Sharknado drill
Mock Mom: Mom not even sure whose pee she's cleaning
Mock Mom: Dental cleaning highlight of woman's day
Mock Mom: Leashed toddler can jump up, roll over
Mock Mom: Research proves mothers use full names when kids are jerks
Mock Mom: Woman runs over Fitbit, 8 times
Mock Mom: Woman earns Zumba soloist position

Mom writes eye-opening letter to son's bike helmet.
What I learned by leaving beer out for Santa.
Failing at picture day, but I'm OK with it
Grandparents Day: A time to keep memories alive

I found solace from the pandemic in my own kitchen
I'm teaching my teens self-advocacy by asking these 5 questions
Why we need to play hooky with our teens.
Why a giant pair of Nikes made me cry in a shoe store
Raising good humans is more important than nagging my teens.
Here's why I stopped looking at my teen's grades online.
Five things I tell my son about his IEP
My teen has dyslexia; Five things I want you to know about him
The dog I never wanted is helping me survive the teen years.
The super secret reason I will always drive my teens to school.

My secret sanity-saver when traveling with an anxious child
A letter to my child with dyslexia
When other parents toss invisible grenades at you
Do you charge mommy tax? You should.
What happened when I let my kid say 'crap'
Lessons in parenting, courtesy of my dog

8 signs you took your kid to an inappropriate movie
What happened when I found my Starbucks copycat.
My kid says 'crap'

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