Friday, January 31, 2020

What happened when I left my family for 19 days surprised me

I'm so very excited to have an article featured today in the Huffington Post!

Please take a moment to read:
I Had To Leave My Family For 19 Days. I Was Shocked By What Happened While I Was Gone.
Despite the tragic reason for my departure, I realized leaving my husband and kids on occasion might actually be a good thing. (HuffPo likes REALLY long headlines!)

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  1. I needed this. Mom guilt has prevented me from getting the addiction treatment I need - how could I leave my little ones for a full month?! I probably haven't given them due credit.

  2. Maybe ur right. But maybe it's also destructive to call it lame.

  3. It so difficult being the self-appointed gatekeeper. I mean, only you know what's right and best and they CAN'T POSSIBLY live without your daily (secondly) loving hand. I am not making this up; I too know how hard it is to learn this sad fact. But they can, and do. Life sucks!

  4. Sending positive thoughts for your sister's recovery. Hang in there.