Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bullies' words too much for little warrior

A 10-year-old boy took his own life a few days ago. He was bullied. Because he smelled bad. Because of his colostomy bag.
That little warrior survived 26 surgeries, but it was the bullies’ words that hurt him the most.
Let that sink in.
My son is also 10. And he, too, has a bowel condition (Hirschsprung Disease) that sometimes makes him smell bad. He used to have a colostomy bag as well.
That could be my kid. It could be your kid.
And it’s heartbreaking. We need to do better.
Let's all try to remember everyone has struggles we know nothing about. Let's choose our words carefully, my friends.
Let's lift each other up.
And ask for help.
Let's choose kindness. Always.
Now go hug your kids, and remind them to do the same.

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