Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A year for scary things

By Jacqueline Miller

I know, I’m a bit late to write about New Year's resolutions. But I was busy jumping off cliffs in Jamaica.

You see, this year I’ve decided to do more scary things.

Because I’ve found that when I get wrapped up in my everyday chores, I get bored. I get complacent. And I stop learning and growing.

In 2012, our family made a huge leap. We sold our house, cars and furniture and moved to Europe for three years. And I secretly loved that every day we faced challenges and new experiences. There’s no boredom, no complacency when you’re navigating a new culture.

Now that we’ve comfortably settled back into American life, I don’t want that sense of wonder and newness, and yes, even scariness, to fade away.

So I’m pushing myself to do more scary things in 2019.

For me, someone who hates public speaking, that means signing up to teach a six-week class for kids and speaking at a writers conference. It also means making peace with my grey hair. And jumping off cliffs into brilliant blue waters. (Posting a photo of myself in a swimsuit should count, too!)

What scary things are you doing in 2019?

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