Thursday, November 15, 2018

6 lessons from our Thankful Pumpkin

We jumped on the bandwagon this year and kept a pumpkin after Halloween. Each night at dinner, we've been coming up with one thing we're each thankful for and write them with Sharpie on the decorative gourd.

After three weeks, here's what I've learned:

1. My family dislikes these exercises but will succumb quickly. After three days, it's routine and even the loudest grumbler gets with the program.

2. I always thought my teen, an anxious A-type like him mama, hated surprises. I was totally wrong! He's actually grateful for them, and I have his writing on the pumpkin to prove it. Who knew?

3. My youngest is more introspective and scientific than I give him credit for. He's thankful for oxygen, electricity and his senses.

4. OK, one of us said WIFI. But to my delight, no one lauded the Xbox, Fortnite, YouTube, Netflix or even their computer or television. 

5. Little mundane pleasures overwhelmingly topped everyone's list. Friends. Tacos. Fleece jackets. Clean dryer ducts and the new light in the garage. Rock climbing. Rice with dinner. Warm blankets and a cuddly dog. No one picked their iPhone!

6. Pumpkins smell funky after a few weeks. 

Yet, even after we retire the moldy written-on squash to our garden, I'm glad we tried this little experiment. It got us talking. It put us in a thankful mindset. And we learned a little about each other. 

And that is truly something to be thankful for.

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