Thursday, July 12, 2018

Are you ready for the Lego invasion?

They’re watching you. They’re hiding. And they are waiting for the moment to strike.

Whether it’s nipping you in the butt as you sit down in your car, or clogging your garbage disposal, the Lego invasion is real.

Little yellow men and women are taking over homes in cities and rural areas, with their hooked hands and glassy stares. For quick and stealthy strikes, they’re well equipped with vehicles of every sort, from motorcycles, SUVs, helicopters, airplanes, even space shuttles!

In the darkest night, they leap out into your high-traffic areas, it doesn’t matter if you have carpet, tile or hardwood floors. They’re waiting and poised to inflict harm on your family’s delicate feet.

The mini plastic people love tiny accessories — helmets, coffee mugs, bullhorns, spears — which are naturally attracted to your dust busters, vacuums and heating vents.

With phony smiles, they're luring in your children. Their movies, video games, advertising and theme parks will convince your kids they NEED more; before you know it, your offspring will beg you to adopt their Lego guy’s entire extended family. 

Prepare yourselves, parents. They will show up, uninvited, in unexpected places. 

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