Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fumbling Abroad: Morocco

I love how traveling pushes you out of your comfort zone. And it's always interesting to see how the boys react to out-of-the-ordinary situations.

For example, they didn’t even flinch at the nude beaches in Croatia.

But in Morocco, where women were covered from head to toe, it was a little different story.

As we stood to exit the plane in the ancient walled-in city of Fez, I noticed Curly was about to walk right by a woman in a full burqa, including black mesh over her eyes. 

In my head, I begged him, “Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything!”

But as he passed her, he flinched. There was no doubt, he noticed her big time.

“Mom!” my 6-year-old yelled. 

I tried to usher him past. “Keep walking, Bud.”

“But, Mom!” 

He nodded his head toward the woman, in the most unsubtle way possible.

“Shh, keep going.”

But I just couldn’t keep him quiet.

“I just saw a real…”

I shushed, helpless.


Oh boy.


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