Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dutch Life: Next Level Biking

We lived in the Netherlands for three years and often witnessed incredible cycling feats. Here's just one example.

Most mornings on our bike commute to school, we would end up behind the same couple on their way to work. They were a little older than me, maybe late-40’s.

What I found so remarkable is that they rode side-by-side, holding hands! They managed to ride perfectly distanced apart, never veering away, never crashing.

Though it didn’t look especially hazardous or exotic, I knew I was witnessing some next-level biking.

And then came the jaw-dropping finale, at the same intersection every day.

Where the two roads crossed, they would kiss! Still moving, still pedaling, still amazingly perched upon two rotating wheels apiece. And then she turned left and he turned right, and they were off to work for the day.

No matter how many times I watched, I was astounded.

Now, I consider myself a pretty seasoned cyclist. For three years, I spent between two and four hours a day balanced on my trusty old Gazelle. But if I tried a maneuver like this -- which to the Dutch was a simple, mundane, everyday goodbye -- I would be lucky to walk away with some road rash and a dented bike.

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